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A man who was raised in outer space and taught how to be human by a Russian cyborg chimpanzee must help Elvis Presley protect a time machine from an evil alien hellbent on destroying the galaxy.

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Ace Tucker swore he would never return to Earth. As a baby, he was left on the doorstep of an outer space orphanage by an unknown alien. There was no explanation, no origin story and eighteen years later the nuns of the Galactic Church kicked out the only human they’d ever seen.

Ace went on to earn a meager living as a cargo hauler and roadie for Mustache Supernova, the greatest rock band in the galaxy. His only contact with Earth was Ivan Chimpanov, a Russian cyborg chimpanzee, and collector of humanity’s music, movies, and television shows. All that changed the night Ace met Elvis Presley, the very not-dead King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

After Elvis is shot by an alien assassin called The Shiny Man, Ace must travel to Memphis, Tennessee to restore Presley’s health. But things are not what they seem at Elvis’s pastoral home, Graceland. There, Ace makes a discovery that has the power to shape the future (and potentially undo the past).

Ace Tucker Space Trucker is a serial science fiction comedy adventure podcast written, recorded, voiced, scored and edited by ONE DUDE.

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