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Episode 14: The Galactic Galleria

Posted 04 Sep 2017

Ace and the gang narrowly escape death by hitting the panic switch on the Caddy. They arrive in Tennessee where Ace receives a jolt from the Caddy’s computer systems, lighting up the borrowed nanobots coursing through his veins. The ‘bots bestow a new level of understanding concerning the nature of time itself. This leads Ace to form a plan to go back in time and save Elvis from certain death. But first, they need to go on a little shopping trip.

Episode 13: The Double Dazzler Deception

Posted 28 Aug 2017

Ace and the gang must deal with a ticking time bomb as the Shiny Man has set Betty to self-destruct. When Ace confronts the Shiny Man trying to escape in the time machine, a surprise guest shows up and turns everything upside down. In true Ace Tucker fashion, Ace makes the best out of a bad situation. And then things get worse.

A Little Commentary

You might have noticed this episode starts differently from all the others. Usually the narrator speaks immediately after the “last time” audio. I chose to forgo that and jump right into the action because the previous episode left on such a cliffhanger. Sorry, Jamie Suttle! This is the on episode that doesn’t feature the song "Boy In a Band" (also know to Ace Tucker Space Trucker fans as ‘the narrator’s theme’). I promise it’ll be back in the next episode!

Episode 12: You Really Are a Piece of Work

Posted 21 Aug 2017

The Shiny Man has left Betty with the intention of killing Elvis in the womb. Ace has no choice but to risk it all and interface with the nanobots that used to inhabit Elvis’s body. With the power of the nanobots coursing through his veins, Ace meets the Shiny Man head-on! But the Shiny Man is a tricky butthole and things don’t go quite as planned.

elvis is a space baby

Episode 11: Everyone, Meet Ray Ray!

Posted 14 Aug 2017

After their capture, Ace and the gang are in rough shape but Ivan has an ace up his sleeve. Pun! By using the cybernetic spike he uses to jack into computers, Ivan is able to peel up part of the floor and, with Hank’s help, gain access to free them all. Their elation is short lived as they discover The Shiny Man has taken them back to the year 1935 with the intention of killing Elvis in the womb. Ace must make a decision that has consequences across all of space and time.

A Little Commentary

And...We're back. I hope a one-week hiatus wasn't too much for y'all to take. I know it was murder for me. But we're back and the action is just about to get KA-RAY-ZEE!! Just so you know, we are plowing head-long with new episodes every week until the conclusion of Season One in six weeks. That's right kids, we're on a collision course for glory! Ace and the gang have just six more episodes to wrap this crazy adventure up. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will The Shiny Man win? Will Hank ever stop using the F Word!? You'll just have to iTune in (crappy pun) and find out!

Interview with Backyard Space Opera

Backyard Space Opera is a super awesome podcast all about low budget science fiction, micro budget filmmaking, and independent science fiction and fantasy media creation. I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the hosts, Kyle Erwin.


Also, check out this INSANELY AWESOME artwork Kyle Erwin created!!

The gauntlet has been thrown down, artists! If you think you can beat Kyle's artwork, bring it on!

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