Ace Tucker Space Trucker

Ace Tucker Space Trucker

Hilarious Science Fiction Audiobook and Novel Series

Episode 15: Back to Memphis

Posted 11 Sep 2017

After getting a Mind-Tap from Ivan’s pal, the gang goes forward in time to convince the inventor of the timedrive to give up his new invention mere moments after it is invented. Luckily, Ace has an ”ace up his sleeve” and comes to an accord with the geeky Valdovian. Then, the gang goes back to 1977 to convince Elvis to fake his death and leave Earth with them. But, of course, things don’t go quite as planned...

Q&A With Libsyn

There's a nifty little Q & A on The Rockin' Podcasts blog today. Check it out

Interview with the Gem City Podcast

Posted 07 Sep 2017

Gem City Podcast is the first podcast that is all about Dayton! Episodes will highlight and discuss local news topics including business, politics, art, events, and other headlines from Dayton, Ohio. Each episode will feature one or more local guest hosts who will help us examine what is happening in our community. Our target audience is anyone that is interested in keeping up with local topics presented by local Daytonians. Listeners should expect to hear about important business trends, art events, economics, music happenings, festivals, restaurant openings, local outreach programs, and other stories that will bring you closer to your Dayton community and its affairs.

Click here:

Episode 14: The Galactic Galleria

Posted 04 Sep 2017

Ace and the gang narrowly escape death by hitting the panic switch on the Caddy. They arrive in Tennessee where Ace receives a jolt from the Caddy’s computer systems, lighting up the borrowed nanobots coursing through his veins. The ‘bots bestow a new level of understanding concerning the nature of time itself. This leads Ace to form a plan to go back in time and save Elvis from certain death. But first, they need to go on a little shopping trip.

Episode 13: The Double Dazzler Deception

Posted 28 Aug 2017

Ace and the gang must deal with a ticking time bomb as the Shiny Man has set Betty to self-destruct. When Ace confronts the Shiny Man trying to escape in the time machine, a surprise guest shows up and turns everything upside down. In true Ace Tucker fashion, Ace makes the best out of a bad situation. And then things get worse.

A Little Commentary

You might have noticed this episode starts differently from all the others. Usually the narrator speaks immediately after the “last time” audio. I chose to forgo that and jump right into the action because the previous episode left on such a cliffhanger. Sorry, Jamie Suttle! This is the on episode that doesn’t feature the song "Boy In a Band" (also know to Ace Tucker Space Trucker fans as ‘the narrator’s theme’). I promise it’ll be back in the next episode!

Episode 12: You Really Are a Piece of Work

Posted 21 Aug 2017

The Shiny Man has left Betty with the intention of killing Elvis in the womb. Ace has no choice but to risk it all and interface with the nanobots that used to inhabit Elvis’s body. With the power of the nanobots coursing through his veins, Ace meets the Shiny Man head-on! But the Shiny Man is a tricky butthole and things don’t go quite as planned.

elvis is a space baby

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