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Episode 5: Be a Ritz, Find the El Dorado June 26, 2017

Ace is now a bona fide hero in the eyes of the employees and management of the KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd. April shows Ace how KFC makes their tasty chicken then invites him and Ivan to a punk rock show that evening. Before the show, Ace and Ivan try to sneak into Graceland but things go haywire. Then, an Elvis impersonator gives Ace a cryptic message.

Get the uncensored episode and hear all the filthy words intact!

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Episode 4: The Smell of Pure Happiness June 19, 2017

This was a super fun episode to create. It's no secret I love fried chicken (and have the waistline to prove it) and it was fun to pass my love of fried chicken onto Ace Tucker. Since Ace grew up in outer space, he's been eating non-Earth food his entire life. I thought it would be cool to explore a human's first reaction to fried chicken. Hence, the excitement in Ace's voice when he proclaims, "Oh man! I have GOT to see what's going on inside that KFC!"

This episode also brings in one of my favorite characters, the potty-mouthed spitfire KFC cashier, April Massey. She will become a more central character in the coming episodes and it's awesome to let you guys finally meet her.

And to make Episode 4 even cooler, a brand new Red Hot Rebellion song is being premiered today! Riker's Beard is available exclusively through the Episode 4 - UNCENSORED (Plus 9 Songs) download. Get the episode and all the cool tunes used therein (including Riker's Beard) for only $2!

Without further ado, I give you Episode 4: The Smell of Pure Happiness

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Ace Tucker Space Trucker

is a serial comedy science fiction podcast that I write, record, voice, score and edit. It's completely nuts and awesome and I think you'll love it. It also uses a ton of Red Hot Rebellion music and music from friends of mine. In fact, the theme song features lead guitar stylings by none other than Doug Spencer of Red Hot Rebellion.

The Ticking Clock

In fact, I'd really love it if you subscribed and reviewed the podcast. iTunes gives a new podcast just a few weeks to gain a following to be considered new and noteworthy. With your help, we can make sure the whole galaxy will bask in the glory of Ace Tucker Space Trucker!

Speaking of Red Hot Rebellion

We have been working on new music and are about to release a new single called Crushing It. But before it is released worldwide it will only be available as part of a special Ace Tucker Space Trucker episode bundle.

You will get the first three episodes PLUS 12 SONGS (including the brand new Red Hot Rebellion song, Crushing It) for just six bucks! Here's a link to buy it.

If you don't want to buy anything, no biggie. Ace Tucker Space Trucker is a free weekly podcast and you can download and subscribe on iTunes here.

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Ace Tucker Space Trucker Trailer June 9, 2017

Prepare yourself for Ace Tucker Space Trucker. Man of action! Man of mystery! Man of intrigue!
He was raised in outer space and taught how to be human by a Russian cyborg chimpanzee!
Ace's life is all peaches and cream as a roadie for the greatest band in the galaxy until one fateful night when he meets Elvis Presley, the not-dead King of Rock n' Roll!
And one decision that changes Ace's life forever.
Now Ace must come to Earth, the one place he swore he would never go, to save the King of Rock n' Roll and the entire galaxy from unspeakable evil!


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Coming soon! June 8, 2017

Ace Tucker Space Trucker is gearing up to be released to the world. Stay tuned!

elvis kfc

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Podcast update June 7, 2017

Quick update: I have completed recording 10 episodes of season 1 of Ace Tucker Space Trucker. I am still on track to launch this summer as a weekly FREE podcast. The first week will have 3 episodes for your earholes and then every week following that another installment will be released. It is a completely immersive audio experience with multiple characters, sound design, original music, adventure, comedy, and shenanigans. You'll love it. Stay tuned.

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