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After narrowly escaping the police, Ace and April dress in their stolen suits and go to convince Elvis to fake his death and leave Earth. But when they get to Graceland, they are in for the shock of their lives. The Shiny Man is a tricky bastard and his nefariousness reaches new levels of douchebaggery.

PS: The 1970's were fucking weird...

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How to Win Friends and Influence People with Comic Books, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Space Truckers

Recently I was asked to speak to a local university’s comic book club about my journey through the topsy-turvy world of comic book creation and beyond. The president of the club was familiar with much of my work and specifically interested in my niche of combining music and comics in unique packages.

I agreed but prefaced the presentation by stating I would focus on some key things I was most proud of, not to toot my own horn, but to illustrate how every cool thing I’ve made was the result of a ton of effort and has lead to something even cooler down the road. In the current environment of rampant immediate satisfaction, I wanted to stress that all my meager successes were the result of tremendous amounts of research, work, trial and error. I wanted to show a clear progression from clumsy neophyte to proficient dilettante, using all of my talents and passions to create immersive multi-media stories.

The presentation went well, so I thought I would expand on it a little for you fine folks who weren’t lucky enough to be at the presentation.

molding young minds
Look at all those young minds I’m molding. (This is Photoshopped. Duh.)

Just a Lad

One of my earliest childhood memories is seeing Spider-Man and Captain America at a mall. It was some sort of promotional live-action show and it was amazing. I still have the flyer from the show. It hangs framed on a wall in my studio and reminds of where my comic mania started.

As a kid, I watched every cartoon and live-action superhero show I could get my eyeballs on and bought comics from the local Magic Mart with my meager allowance. When I was about 8-years-old an older friend took me to a truly magical place: a comic book store. I had never seen so many comics in one place at one time! I was accustomed to the skimpy offerings of the local stop-and-rob’s spinner rack. This was truly something else. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling comic books! Needless to say, I was hooked and was a total comic book crackhead until I was about 16-years-old when I started getting into girls and playing in bands — totally unrelated, by the way. But fear not, true believers. My time as a musician is directly responsible for turning me into a comic creator.

Red Hot Rebellion, live and sleazy
Red Hot Rebellion live and sleazy. (Not Photoshopped. Just pure Rock ‘n’ effing Roll!)

For the Benefit of Evil

My band, Red Hot Rebellion, released our debut album with a tie-in comic book telling the story of a beat down work-a-day slob who becomes a bona fide Rock ‘n’ Roll monster thanks to a handy deal with the Devil. We hit the road, playing crappy bars and listening rooms across the U.S. We were building a regional fan base, slugging it out in the seedy underbelly of the underground rock scene, sometimes playing to just 10 people (the dudes in the other bands on the bill that night). It’s a common story that you’ve...

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Episode 15: Back to Memphis

After getting a Mind-Tap from Ivan’s pal, the gang goes forward in time to convince the inventor of the timedrive to give up his new invention mere moments after it is invented. Luckily, Ace has an ”ace up his sleeve” and comes to an accord with the geeky Valdovian. Then, the gang goes back to 1977 to convince Elvis to fake his death and leave Earth with them. But, of course, things don’t go quite as planned...

Q&A With Libsyn

There's a nifty little Q & A on The Rockin' Podcasts blog today. Check it out

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Interview with the Gem City Podcast

Gem City Podcast is the first podcast that is all about Dayton! Episodes will highlight and discuss local news topics including business, politics, art, events, and other headlines from Dayton, Ohio. Each episode will feature one or more local guest hosts who will help us examine what is happening in our community. Our target audience is anyone that is interested in keeping up with local topics presented by local Daytonians. Listeners should expect to hear about important business trends, art events, economics, music happenings, festivals, restaurant openings, local outreach programs, and other stories that will bring you closer to your Dayton community and its affairs.

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